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What to Expect

You may be considering or have decided to embark on having some counselling and I hope this page gives you a clearer idea of what to expect when we meet and during our working together.

During our first meeting I would hope to help you feel at ease so that you feel safe and able to talk. This might take the form of me listening silently for most of the session or it might require me to be more interactive. But in any event I would listen to what brings you to counselling and clarify with you what it is you hope to achieve from counselling.


I would be professional yet human; respectful and sensitive to the knowledge that seeking or having counselling can be a frightening or humbling experience for some or seen as an opportunity and relief for others. That a crisis, an ongoing concern left to drift, or somewhere in between can lead people to come to counselling. I would be non-judgemental in the hope that you would feel free just to be you.


I would recognise the sessions and progress we make will be influenced by the working relationship we develop and that I have a responsibility in that too. Predominantly I would be genuine, sensitive and respectful.  At times I may challenge you - though this would be with care and consideration and in turn I would be prepared and open to being challenged by you. I recognise there can be pain in life but I also value and will hold onto the principle of hope.


I would try and get a greater understanding of you so that you might better hear or see yourself and how others experience you. We may or may not spend a significant amount of time looking at your childhood, this would simply be influenced by what arises and it's relevance to you and the present. I am the kind of counsellor who will try and respond to your needs and can commit to short-term and long-term working together. 



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